Database Management System

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SelimSql is a free relational database management system.
Database commands, like create, update, insert, delete, select are implemented by standard SQL.

The basic features of SelimSql database:

✔ Database language is standard SQL,
✔ Updatable, insertable resultset functionality,
✔ Supports most data types of the SQL standard, including datetime,
✔ Supports arithmetic operations with datetime,
✔ Selection of group and summary fields on sql columns,
✔ JDBC DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData support,
✔ Fast select, insert, update, delete operations,
✔ Columns calculated using other columns and function calls,
✔ Allows single or multiple insert depending on existing data,
✔ DBMS is developed on java and support JDK 1.6 or after versions,
✔ Order by, group by, count, sum, min, max statistical aggregate functions,
✔ Disk based tables for large data sets.

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